Maniapoto FM adds macron to 'Te Kuiti' sign for Maori language week

To celebrate Māori language week, iwi station Maniapoto FM is encouraging the correct pronunciation of its town's name by utilising the macron on the 'u'.

It's a change that has stirred positive and negative feedback within the town of Te Kūiti and throughout the country.

Only added on Monday, the macron on Te Kūiti has already stirred mixed reaction in the community.

Maniapoto FM announcer, Te Aturangi Stewart is responsible for the campaign and has asked the Waitomo District Council to include the macron on the transit sign to help celebrate Māori Language week.

Te Kūiti mayor Brain Hannah supports the cause and says that there is a possibility that the macron might stay.

Mayor of Te Kuiti, Brain Hannah says "They're (the macrons) on the transit signs as we enter the town, so I don't know if it was my duty to give him permission. I have anyway and we will deal with that if we want to make it permanent, it will be great to have it there permanent."

This Friday, Maniapoto FM will debate keeping the macron, but change might be hard for some.