Manurewa community desperate to end homeless crisis

The Manurewa Community are angry that another homeless man has died on their doorstep.  An urgent meeting was called today to address the recent death.

It was outside the Manurewa Methodist Church on Great South Road that the man died.  Community volunteer Debbie Munroe says, "We've had enough. No more deaths."

He's the third homeless person to die in Auckland this week. 

Community advocate Tunuiarangi McLean says that the body was found on the church stairs.  Members of the community say he was only homeless for two days.

The local council is developing a homeless strategy.

Mclean says, “At a hui between the council and the community it was stated that a homeless strategy would be developed.”

However, community volunteer Debbie Munro says something needs to be done now.

"Somebody donate us a building. Don't worry about the rest of the stuff that needs to go in it, we can cover that we want a building tomorrow."

McLean agrees, "I support what Debbie is saying we need to come up with an immediate solution”

Te Kāea spoke to Manurewa Police but they had no information yet.

Munro says. "We want to get our people out of the streets, we want to make sure they're warm, safe and looked after."

“The governance of this community is stopping this from happening and that’s a problem,” adds McLean.

A community hīkoi will be held on Saturday 29 July to highlight homelessness in Manurewa and to publicly appear for a homeless shelter.