Manurewa community plea for homeless shelter

By Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes

Following the death of a second homeless man in South Auckland, the local community took to the streets to raise awareness and call for an immediate solution.

Manurewa Local Council Board member Rangi McClean says, "We're saying no more deaths of our people who are homeless and in poverty."

Māori Party Candidate for Tāmaki Makaurau, Shane Taurima says, "We're praying to businesses to the wider community, give us a building to shelter the homeless."

Organised by a group of community advocates to be a voice for the homeless, Shane Tuarima says it's about making people aware of what's really happening on the streets.

He says, "We're raising awareness about this problem to the country, based on the idea that the majority of the country aren't aware of how big or how bad this problem of homelessness is amongst us."

In the last few weeks, two homeless people have passed away on the streets on Manurewa. Rangi McClean is challenging the Auckland Council and Government to help.

"What are you doing to stop people from dying on the street? What are you doing to help this of families who are homelessness?"

He says this is an issue for politicians to address in this election year.