Māori ABs hit the Big Apple

It's day two in Philadelphia for the Māori All Blacks on their North American Tour. While the test match against the Eagles is at the forefront of their minds, today was their rest day and a chance to relax.

Our reporter Rewa Harriman is following the team on the tour and says that while rugby is the priority for the Māori All Blacks.

Today they got a chance to check out the sights, and while most of the team stayed in Philadelphia, the Tasman Mako players jumped on a train to New York City. While it was an early start for the four players to achieve that goal nothing was going to stop them from hitting the “Big Apple.”

When the boys arrived, they were awestruck and dwarfed by the concrete jungle.

None of the players had been to New York before, and they say visiting such an iconic city is one of the perks of touring.

While in Times Square, they stumbled on a television live cross and joined in the crowd at the back.

They weren't shy in handing over the greenback either, buying mementoes of their New York visit.

While nothing could compare to wearing the Māori jersey on this tour, today's visit to the Big Apple will be a very memorable one.