Māori ABs snatch win from US Eagles

The Māori All Blacks beat the US Eagles this afternoon in Philladelphia, in the final test of the NZ team's tour of North America.

The Māori All Blacks were certainly pleased with the win.

It was a physically gruelling game, but they gave it their all and took the win.

With Piri Weepu out injured, it was Tim Bateman who took the reins to lead both the haka and the team as captain.

It wasn't long before the Māori ABs scored first through the sharp eyes of halfback, Jamison Gibson-Park.

But it was only early stages of the game, and the Eagles weren't giving up that easily.

Lack of discipline by the Māori All Blacks led to penalties, giving the Eagles much needed points.

The Māori side were quick to respond in the second half, with rising star Ihaia West setting up Tim Bateman to get his team ahead.

But the Eagles seemed to find their wings again, closing the gap on the scoreboard to 22-19.

Luke Katene managed to place a well-deserved try in the closing minutes, ending the game with a final score of 29-19 to the Māori ABs.

Our sports reporter Rewa Harriman has followed the Māori All Blacks closely and discusses the highlights of the tour.