Māori Aladdin gets his wish

He’s the Māori/Samoan Aladdin and his wish has been granted.  After 21 years in Australia, the role of a lifetime is bringing Graeme Isaako Purcell back home to Aotearoa.  

“I grew up in NZ, in Auckland.  It’s amazing to be back home.  I feel all of the aroha,” he says.

The 29-year-old first performed professionally when he was eleven, in a production of Oliver. 

He’s a darling of the stage, having previously starred in Disney’s The Lion King and now Aladdin.

“There’s a domino effect.  I ended up with lots of roles and lots of opportunities.  Singing has been my number one love, it’s my passion.  I feel it right to the core of my heart.”

Graeme now calls Australia home, but he will return to New Zealand when the hit Disney show debuts here in January.

“I get to see the whānau.  I get to have my cream buns and my mince and cheese pies.  You've got to do it aye.”

For ticket information visit www.aladdinthemusical.com.au