Māori alumni group connecting past & present trade students

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

The Māori and Pasifika Trades Training School in Manukau are calling to all former Māori trades training students to join their new alumni group.  

The hope is that the alumni students will reach out and connect with the current students and inspire.

Wahineata Smith says, “This is an important night to help encourage our Māori students on their pathway, and to meet some mentors and former students.”

The core purpose of the Māori and Pacific Trades Training Alumni is to help connect past and present students.

Kirk Sargent says, “The purpose of tonight was to really create the opportunity and forum to re-engage with the old Māori Affairs Trades trainers, see what their experiences have been, seeing how they can jump in and support the new generation.”

With the establishment of this alumni group, students now have the proper environment to keep to the right path.