Māori Art exhibition labelled 'racist' by some Devonport locals

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Racial tension is rising in one of Auckland's upper-class suburbs on the North Shore over a Māori art exhibition. 

The creative director of Devonport's Depot Artspace was inundated with feedback seeking the removal of some of the artworks on display, with some saying it is 'racist' to some locals.

Linda Blincko Creative director of Depot Artspace in Devonport was thrilled to have a Maori exhibition in her gallery, but only two days after the opening of 'He Whakaputanga mai o Te Rangatiratanga' she was horrified at the feedback about some of the artwork.

Some locals went as far as to complain to Auckland City Council to have it removed.

This morning the Auckland City Council contacted Depot Artspace and asked them to remove the flags, however, no one from Auckland City Council wanted to speak on camera.

For now the flag poles remain outside the art house and will remain there until they can be moved to another location.