Māori astrology expert reflects on environment during Covid-19 crisis

By Aroha Treacher

Māori astrology expert Dr Rangi Matamua has been sharing his thoughts on the environment during the COVID 19 crisis. He hopes it will not only change human behaviour but increase interest in Māori astrology.

In Māori tradition, the stars have always been a source of guidance.

"With the clearing of the skies that we’re seeing, I’d hope that there would be an invigorated interested in Māori astrology," Ngāi Tūhoe's Dr Rangi Mataamua says.

Even though this devastating virus has happened, he says there is an unexpected benefit to the earth.

"Because people are staying home, the skies have really cleared up, you can see the stars, it’s a sign the environment is healing itself. Humans really have done damage to the environment."

NASA satellites have found a decrease in air pollution in China during lockdown and the European Space Agency found air pollution has decreased in Italy.

"I hope that this changes human behaviours, we can see how important the environment is, perhaps, this is the environment telling us to stop our polluting ways.'

NASA has reported the environmental changes but they are likely to only be temporary.