Māori boarding schools bring fight to national stage

Two of the remaining Māori religious boarding schools, Hukarere and Te Aute used the national stage today as a platform to raise the issue of keeping schools like theirs open.

Hukarere’s leader Hinewairangi Turipa told Te Kāea, “There are many positives of these schools- learning the prestige of women and men.  You gain really close relationships and you learn how to be independent.”

The final three transfers from the decommissioned Turakina Māori Girls College stood today. 

Tutor Kōkā-hauwai Te Aowera says Hukarere's future is also not certain.

“You can see the sadness. That could possibly be us too.  There is a need for us in the education system.  We won't give up, we'll keep fighting.”

Hukarere's performance was also a demonstration of solidarity with Pētera who refuse to give up hope of saving the college.