Māori business course at Victoria University touted for closure

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

Seven courses at the Business school at Victoria University have been touted for closure and two senior Māori lecturers could lose their jobs. Four major qualifications will go with the closure of this including majoring in Māori business, so where to now for those students?

Although still in discussions at the moment, the suggestion to close some of the courses at Victoria University's Business School is concerning.

Paul Meredith says, “It's sad however this is what the University's leaders are considering, and the problem is that numbers in the Māori Business course are declining.”

Low numbers and shortage of money were the key factors that the Dean of the Business School took into consideration for this closure.  However according to Paul Meredith, Māori student numbers are increasing.

“Although Māori student numbers in the Business School are increasing, not many are enrolling in Māori Business,” says Paul.

Four major qualifications will go with the closure of this.  For example, majoring in Māori Business, under a degree, certificate or diploma in business or commerce. So where will the current students go to?

Paul Meredith says, “They will remain at the Business School however and there will be avenues of support for them to follow other aspects of the business sector.”

It's envisaged that the leaders of the University of Victoria will meet again in a month to decide whether the courses will be closed or remain open.