Māori business welcomes new digital funding

By Mānia Clarke-Mamanu

New digital funding aims to enhance new Māori language and culture initiatives through digital technologies. Maori Development Minister Nanaia Mahuta says the fund called Ka Hao also aims to create high-value jobs that advance Māori in the sector.

Leading cultural APP creators Kiwa Digital are very excited to hear about the second round of funding.

Some $3.6 million of the fund is already helping 20 projects around the country. The experienced Māori digital business wants to utilise the funding in several ways to remain at the forefront.

“One would be to look at how to upgrade our current software, that means that we stay cutting edge globally and nationally. The second big part is what roles are associated with the development of that software and the roles that derive from the software actually being produced and published in market,” said Renata.

This will be the second attempt by Kiwa Digital to apply for the funding. Renata has some concerns about the application process, he hopes will be addressed.

“From an operators perspective in the digital sector things move very quickly, so it felt a little bit slow for us. We can see from the early announcement of the second round there's probably been some great learnings from that first round.”

Renata says they expect extensive due diligence in the applications, but a quick turn around.

"The reason Kiwa were unsuccessful in their application was their proposal was different to our aims," said Mahuta.

"Our focus now is for these funds to strengthen Māori digital businesses."

Applications opened today, with a month given for applicants to complete their proposals.