Māori could be tech industry game-changers

Maori are being touted as potential game-changers in the technology economy.

Business expert Darren McGarvie says, “I saw the enormous potential in Māori.  The Crown settlements were coming through- and there is nothing worse than seeing hundreds of millions of dollars sitting in bank accounts chasing term deposit rates- and I thought that there was so much more that could be done if we can help Māori get out there and start enterprises and business and realise the enormous potential”.

The technology sector is a growing industry in NZ.  In 2016, NZ tech business numbered around 11,000 with over 75,000 people employed today in technology-related roles.

“You can teach yourself a huge amount online.  You can teach yourself Google Analytics, you can teach yourself Facebook, you can teach yourself how to code.  It's all there, it's just about making a start.”

While most opportunities concerning technology are in larger cities such as Auckland and Wellington there are opportunities right across the country and the world.  

“There's a swell of new Māori coming through who are growing up and this is the right time to start a business.  It's the easiest time to start a business and Māori need to take advantage of that”.

McGarvie is presenting at the technology festival in Rotorua which finishes on Thursday.