Māori duo create successful cyber fitness programmes

By Te Ao Māori News

The training mode of the future, cyber fitness programmes are all the rage and Māori are leading the way.

Conal Grant of Fit2Transform says, “We want to bring what we do straight to them immediately that way more people can be involved, more people will be more active and healthier.  That's the sort of angle we're trying to approach.  So it's bringing our programme to cyberspace.”

Kani Collier and his partner Conal Grant say the cyber world is the key vehicle for hard-earned transformation.

“Massive improvements in all our clients and we had 20 transformations all of them had lost 10kg plus, it's changed their lives,” says Collier.

There's one particular workout they offer which is aimed at mothers wanting to help transform their bodies in their own homes with their babies.

According to Grant, “We've had our video shared, and more than 17,000-18,000 people have viewed the video and that definitely wasn't the intention.  It was to show my friends we can also be active now.  We don't have to wait until our babies turn 1.”

The couple has a huge impact from their own backyard, spreading the message of a healthier way of life for families, the true form of success.

Collier says, “On Monday, we start our Fit2Transform programme. It's $30 for the whānau for 3 weeks so come and trial us out.”

Check out their website here, or their official facebook page here for more info.