Māori encouraged to speak up and be heard

By Moana Maniapoto, Te Ao with MOANA

Maanu Paul is a widely recognised voice for Te Ao Māori who has championed Māori rights along side fellow Māori Council leaders for many years.

He was a long serving member of the New Zealand Māori Council, and provided strong support for the Wai 262 claim concerning the recognition and protection of the cultural and intellectual rights of Māori relating to indigenous flora and fauna and to the matauranga associated with those species.

Mr Paul has played a key leadership role in the New Zealand Māori Council and was key to the establishment of the Mātaatua Rangatahi Court at Wairaka Marae in Whakatane.

He continues to volunteer his time to the court, providing wisdom and guidance on matters relating to tikanga and whakapapa and he sat down to talk to Moana Maniapoto about his journey and the people who truly inspired him.

Mr Paul spoke with Moana Maniapoto about some of the key influencers in his life and discussed the continuous and evolving relevance of the Wai 262 claim.