Māori film 'Maumahara' holds tikanga and sense of Māori sacred

By Stefan Dimitrof

Maumahara is a new short film from emerging Māori filmmaker Kaitiaki Rodger (Tainui).

It's based on his childhood, with the film set across one night in south Auckland, following the story of Kauri, a young boy who joins his rugged dad Brendon on his night shift, truck-driving job.

Roger said his inspiration for the story of Maumahara was instilling the idea of Māori not losing their language.

“The inspiration I got for this film was from the relationship that I fostered with my own stepfather, who  is also a recycling truck driver.”

Being brought up in te reo and then moving on to further education studying at Auckland University Roger started to feel that in the mainstream he was losing his reo, his tikanga and his sense of Māori.

“Through the films I make, I make it a point to not only include te ao Māori but also tikanga Māori, reo Māori because I feel that is an important part of who I am.”