Māori film The Pā Boys coming soon to NZ cinemas

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Danny, Cityboy and Tau form a three piece band called The Pā Boys.

The duo set off with girlfriends Jo and Puti, touring small town pubs on the East Coast and Northland with the aim of reaching Cape Reinga.

The movie plays on the ideas of love, friendship and loyalty and touched on some heavy Māori topics like “makutu” and “wairua”.

It captures the true beauty of the East Coast and Northland as they visit various small towns, and many of the locals make appearances in the movie.

The movie's music, composed by Warren Maxwell, was a big hit, and despite this being lead actor Francis Kora's first film, he did a great job.

It was filmed over a mere 28 days, and this was evident in the way that some things were glossed over.

At times, it seemed like it left the non-Māori audience confused when it came to some of the Māori themes throughout the movie.