Māori fitness freaks take on new Zuu training

updated By Wikitōria Day

Zuu is a high intensity training style based on primal movements and is quickly spreading throughout the country.

Te Kāea was present at today's Zuu session and spoke to a few Māori who can't get enough of this latest fitness craze.  It's a lot harder than it looks.

Trainer David Cordtz says, "With Zuu training, using your body weight and using all your muscles at the same time and basically a lot of animal movement, hence the name Zuu."

This is just one of the Zuu sessions that are held here in Auckland. Cordtz says age is no barrier, that everyone can Zuu. 

"The unique way about Zuu, you can be 65 years old, 70 years old and do a bear crawl.  So that's the good thing about Zuu," says Cordtz.

Zuu orginated in Australia, however, since its introduction into New Zealand, it has attracted a lot of people, including Māori.

Robin Cunningham says, "It increases your heart rate so that you're actually working really hard and you don't have the impact on your joints."

Lynlee Misilisi says, "I'll probably carry on with Zuu 'til I’m 60-70.  I love it that much that I implement it with my own mahi and with my own whānau as well."

It may look hard to someone who's unfamiliar with Zuu, but it is guaranteed that it'll only get easier over time.

Those who continue to inspire, such as David Cordtz, will only entice people throughout the country to try out this fitness craze.