Māori Health Authority needs pākehā counterpart - Rahui Papa

By Te Ao - Māori News

Tainui leader Rahui Papa believes the Māori Health Authority can't fix the health conditions of Māori but by working with its pākehā counterpart, it can.

Papa, of Ngāti Korokī-Kahukura, is one of eight members named on the Māori Health Authority Steering Group led by Tā Mason Durie to work with Māori on the make-up of the authority.

Papa says the goal must be to improve the health situation of Māori. 

"However, the authority's goal must be to improve the health situation of our people by highlighting the areas of immediate need and provide medication when it comes to Māori health.

"Health NZ also does have an important part in the state of Māori health. The authority can't achieve this on its own. However, by working along with other healthcare entities, perhaps we can make a significant difference."

What should the steering group do?

South Auckland GP Lily Fraser believes the first point of call for the steering group should be on initiatives that focus on improving Māori health and wellbeing.

She says it needs to look at what initiatives are working now and look at funding for those initiatives to continue to make positive gains.