Māori health provider accuses MoH of unfair treatment

By Ripeka Timutimu

A Māori health provider in Porirua is accusing the Ministry of Health of unfair treatment in the distribution of big health contracts.

The director of Maraeroa Clinic in Porirua says their work in the low socio-economic community is restricted as they are only given short term contracts.

With only a few staff members, and even fewer resources, Missy McLean still tries her best to make ends meet.

Research from AUT shows it's the same for other Mäori health providers, who can only secure one-year health contracts from the Ministry.

Research also shows that the Ministry monitors and audits Mäori health providers more than PHOs. Missy says that if they were treated fairly, they would be able to achieve better outcomes.

Missy says if Mäori clinics like hers aren't given a chance, it's Mäori who will suffer.

The Ministry is committed to supporting Whänau Ora, and through that, they aim to support the country's Mäori health providers.