Māori Language Week creates buzz at Beehive

By Talisa Kupenga

The Beehive has been buzzing this week with te reo Māori.  MPs have been giving it a go in-house, online and on the streets to celebrate Māori language Week.

Grove Roots’ soon-to-be released song “Kōrerotia” put te reo front and centre in parliament.

The deputy prime minister also got on board, greeting National’s Todd McClay at question time.

National MP Harete Hipango says, "It's about wellness, we say 'kia ora', we say 'whānau ora'."

Labour Minister Andrew Little says, "You hear a lot more of it and it helps everybody put those extra little words in their routine conversation."

National’s Nuk Korako says National was right behind Māori Language Week signalling the party’s effort on the ground and online.

"I don't know if you've been on my Facebook there's been a lot of activity on there."

Social media proved a popular platform for MPs to show support.

Greens co-leader Marama Davidson posted videos at Wellington’s Māori Language March, Labour MPs and the prime minister also posted clips encouraging everyone to give it a go.

Others including Act leader David Seymour took the opportunity to share their personal achievements online.

"Not that I like to blow horns but I happened to get 87/100 in the Newshub te reo poll which you can do online - just saying."

Māori Language Week ends September 16.