Māori loving Zuu on the Gold Coast

Zuu.  It's the fitness craze that's taken the world by storm and has brought together people from all walks of life.

Rereātea met a Māori trio who took part in the very first international Zuu Bootcamp on the Gold Coast.  They say they've benefited hugely from the sport.

It's a typical Gold Coast morning. Calm seas and peaceful scenes. But on shore, it's quite the raucous.  These early birds are on a mission to change their lives.

Polly Raharuhi-Toby (Ngāti Kahu) says, "You never know what session you're going to walk in on so every session is different and every session pushes you hard every time."

Miria Bastock (Ngāti Awa) says, "It's always a challenge, but I don't let that get in the way. Mentally it's a good release, a good outlet. You go there with a headache and you come out feeling on top of the world."

It's the leader of the flock who is helping them take flight. 

Coach James Dixon says, "A true leader is to serve your community so we want to make sure that when we are doing a session we serve all our members with the right attitude, but again, the positive Zuu culture and atmosphere comes from our actions and what we say so we want to make it a positive and inclusive environment all feel welcome."

It's reiterated that Zuu is for people of all fitness levels. 66-year-old Miria Bastock is proof of this.

"I love everything about it. I love not just the exercises, the fitness regimes and all of that but particularly the people. Most of the people are a lot younger than I am so they keep me young. They keep me on my toes and it's just a great atmosphere to be in," says Miria. 

Based on primal movements, Zuu has helped people overcome a range of health issues, both physical and mental. 

Coach Laura Dixon says, "With the mental aspect as well, the amount that it's helped so many people overcome anxiety, overcome depression, overcome things that are just beyond their control"

Jason Toby, (Ngāti Kahu) says, "Physically, I've lost a bit of weight, and mentally definitely head talk. I think I'm a bit stronger in my mentality for when times are hard and I can push through things thanks to Zuu." 

The comradery in Zuu is evident and is something they say is what sets it apart from other fitness regimes. 

"There's an emphasis on culture in Zuu and encouragement as well. That's probably the main thing that brings everyone back. I don't think you'll find that if you go to the gym. You don't find that same kind of environment," says Jason.

It's set to become a phenomenon in more corners of the globe. "We've got thousands of affiliates around the world so it's only going to snowball and the momentum is only going to pick up," says James.