Māori Market celebrates unique taonga Māori

By Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes

Coinciding with Te Matatini is the bi-annual Māori Market at Te Wharewaka o Pōneke. The exhibition by Toi Māori Aotearoa features traditional and contemporary Māori art, giving Māori artists the opportunity to show their skills to the masses.

Moko artists Joni Brooking says, “It’s too show this taonga to the multitudes, to let them see it's not just art but it's a treasured taonga to Māori.”

Tamahou Temara of Toi Māori Aotearoa says it's a chance for people to witness Māori arts and for artists to gain more exposure.

“We can never predict the ups and downs or unexpected events but this is the world we know and how we make a living”, says Temara.

Nearly 200 Māori artists have work on display at this years' Māori Market under the umbrella of Toi Māori Aotearoa.

Joni Brooking says, “We have families, children, and so our partners are there taking care of the children while we work let's say to put bread and butter on the table.”

The exhibition brings Māori artists together, striving to perpetuate the embodiment of Māori systems of knowledge.

“We're trying to find a platform for Māori artists to stand upon because if there isn't a solid base the arts are lost”, says Temara.

The final day for the exhibition is tomorrow, opening at 10am and closing at 4pm.