Māori Media Shift - Radio Ngāti Porou

By Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes

Station manager at award-winning radio station Radio Ngāti Porou, Erana Keelan-Reedy talks about how they're responding to changes in the media landscape.

Te Puni Kōkiri is currently reviewing feedback received for the Māori Media Sector Shift which will explore how radio, television and online te reo and Māori content will be delivered in the future.

Keelan-Reedy says, "Our whole multimedia thrust is based around posting daily and it's everything from pānui, what's happening at such-and-such marae, who's having a tangi... we love seeing blue horses and that whole blue tsunami that follows Ngāti Porou East Coast, we know we've got an engaged audience in our club rugby competition, so where we know Ngāti Porou love that sort of content we usually are there broadcasting or live-video streaming."

With regard to the digital shift, Keelan-Reedy says, "Our website has integrated our social media network so we're on Twitter, we're on Facebook, we're on YouTube, Soundcloud, those various platforms we use- one, to put out content onto our website and two, just to cater to our following."

With some Māori media broadcasters concerned about the idea of converging, Erana Keelan-Reedy says, "Collaboration means you're getting your content on another platform and connecting with an audience you didn't have yesterday so I'm all into maximising opportunities to get Ngāti Porou content and our reo out to the world." 

"The review provides an opportunity for us to talk to politicians and say 'well, this is what we've done on our own back, what's your investment in our ability in growing our capacity?"