Māori music no longer a 'sprinkling', needs to be put in the spotlight - IA Music

By Te Ao - Māori News

IA Music is a trio of Māori musicians who have come together aiming to help uplift Māoridom and to inspire rangatahi to continue to explore taonga pūoro.

Two of the band's members, frontman and Taonga pūoro expert Reti Hedley and bassist Moetu Smith were asked on Te Ao Tapatahi this morning the importance and significance of having taonga pūoro as their band's sound. Smith also believes taonga pūoro is ready to step out into the spotlight. 

"For so long now, it's being used as these sprinklings, the flashy bits, in modern music as we know it today," Smith says.

"Our culture doesn't need to be a sprinkling - our culture needs to be put out there in the front, in the spotlight, and seen and known.

"As Māori, we need to promote our own culture and our own instruments, and that's been the driving force behind our whole journey so far."

The band also held an intimate concert in the Pukemokemoke Bush Reserve in front of a live audience, as a creative way to debut their new single, Ororuarangi.

IA Music releases new music video for 'Ororuarangi'. Source: YouTube.com/IAMusic

The song's lyrics were inspired by Reti's late mother, Rangiiria Hedley and her mahi in revitalising taonga pūoro.

Listeners can find the song, described as a dynamic yet calming composition at all major music outlets, including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp.