Māori musician's pre-election music video aligns with election results

By Talisa Kupenga

Māori singer-songwriter Jose Clarke aka Earthfeather has released a politically charged song titled Legacy talking about NZ's political landscape, which coincidentally aligns with the weekend's election results.

A song and video that closely reflects the outcome of Election 2017's results.

Earthfeather says "It's almost like a glimpse into the future, I mean, this video came out on Wednesday and we filmed it a month ago so it's crazy at how relevant and real this is right now."

The video shows key political party leaders on the left and right sides of a table having a party. Many featured are no longer in Parliament post-election.

Watch it here:

"I did ask for [the kids] to smash each others' faces because I thought who else is going to do this to our politicians? We need them to be held accountable for what they're deciding and to represent our kids at the same time."

Clarke says the children in the video are politically aware and the messages on their shirts reflect their own experiences or opinions on what they want for society.

"These kids are coming though and they're supposed to be the next legacy. Them speaking out, they see the humanity in all of us and I think that's what our politicians need to do as well."

Clarke says she sent the video to the parties featured in the clip but she has received no response.