Māori-operated businesses are doing well

Māori business is looking good.

The new MYOB Business Monitor survey tells us that in the last 12 months, Māori-operated businesses have surpassed their mainstream 'small to medium business' counterparts in the area of reported 'steady revenue'.

Māori business over the last 12 months has been doing consistently better revenue wise than ever before.

It's something Francis Tipene, owner-operator of 'Tipene Tangihanga' in West Auckland, isn't very surprised about.

According to the MYOB survey, Māori business operators have done better over the past 12 months than the small and medium business community.

Francis attributes this partly to the multi-talent capabilities of Māori.

One thing Francis would reinforce to those starting out is the importance of staying true to the underlying principles you began your business with, through the ups and downs of the journey.