Māori-owned bar Black Note celebrates NZ Music Month

Black Note is a Māori-owned bar in central Auckland known for live music and showcasing well-known as well as up and coming New Zealand artists.

In celebration of NZ Music Month, owner of Black Note, Ngatapa Black is teaming up with Radio Waatea to provide live broadcast of New Zealand artists every Tuesday night from 8pm to 10pm.  The live sessions will also continue in June.

Black says, "I think it's a great opportunity for our NZ artists to get more exposure and man who doesn't love live music!  So it's only perfect that we are about to share what talent we have coming through our doors out to the motu.

Now that we have all this great technology it’s an amazing tool to help with that exposure for our artists.  Next week we'll add the cameras into the mix so the whānau will be able to see what’s going on here at Black Note.”

Last night, Ants Pirihi from Tribal Conexionz performed a solo set and played alongside Haz, as shown in the video.

The programme for the Black Note Live Sessions is as follows:

You can either attend the live music sessions at Black Note Lounge Bar situated at 223 Symond Street, Auckland.  Livestream it here on the Black Note website or tune in to your local iwi station.