Māori Party challenges Tony Abbott

By Ripeka Timutimu

The Māori Party have spoken out to Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and his government over the forced closure of 150 Aboriginal communities on his visit to NZ to remember fallen soldiers.

Māori Party MP Marama Fox challenged the Australian Prime Minister to reconsider the new policies and former MP Hone Harawira was also flying the Aboriginal flag.

Mr Abbott says, “We are naturally reluctant at reaching out to foreign conflict but this particular conflict is reaching out to us, that’s why this deployment to the Middle East.  It’s not just about helping people over there, it’s about helping our own people too.”

With those powerful words delivered by Mr Abbott, it was a different story for indigenous people of his own country.

According to Marama Fox, “I want to see him think about what's going on in his own backyard before looking to clean up someone else's.”

With today showing no remedy yet for the Aboriginal people there’s no doubt Abbott and his government will continue to be challenged.