Māori Party continue to work on developing Māori economy

By Harata Brown

The Māori Party continues to work on its Māori economic development strategy, 'He kai kei aku ringa', where they hope to achieve the goals within the plan by 2017, with their Hauraki Waikato candidate and millionaire Susan Cullen endorsing it.

Susan Cullen looks like a million bucks whilst releasing the Māori Party's strategy to nurture the Māori economy, which is worth $37bil.

Susan Cullen of the Māori Party says, “Imagine what we could do if we established our Māori trade board and had representation throughout the world, I think it would be a very good opportunity.”

The Māori Party is advocating a Māori Trade Expert Desk in New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) that protects the integrity of the Māori Incorporated brand, and ensures NZTE has Māori representation in all of their national and international offices.

There are eight parts to the Māori economic development policy.  The Māori Party sees whānau and Māori Incorporated being empowered to create economic growth, enabled by the Government.

The question is whether or not the goals mentioned can be achieved by not being at table with the Government.

Susan Cullen is an educationalist and entrepreneur, who says the main goal is to lift all Māori businesses, no matter how big or small.