Māori party disappointed by police commissioner no-show over video threat

By Te Ao - Māori News

A no-show from the police commissioner has left the Māori party leaders disappointed with the way their complaint over an anti-Māori video has been handled.

The meeting was arranged after a complaint was lodged with the Independent Police Conduct Authority by the Māori Party co-leaders, expressing their disappoinment in the treatment of their concerns of threats against Māori. 

Māori Party co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer says the no-show raises concern over the priority of the security for Māori regarding the nature of the video.

"It shows to us how he feels and how they feel about the type of attacks and threats that Māori are receving."

Ngarewa-Packer and Waititi believe the police minimised the gravitity of the murdurous threats made toward Māori people in the YouTube video.

Co-leader Rawiri Waiti says, "Here was our opportunity to see what was happening in an operational part of police and they didn't turn up."

Te Ao Mārama asked the police commissioner for a response. A spokesperson for the Office of the Commissioner was apologetic for the inconvenience of a change in schedule, and said he had asked to reschedule for later this week. The spokesperson said the commissioner was looking forward to meeting with MPs.

Police spokesperson Detective Superintendent Greg Nicholls met the Māori Party co-leaders this afternoon to provide an update on the investigation, and to outline the timeline of events before an arrest was made in relation to a video.

Arrest over murder threats

A 44-year-old man has been arrested over an online video threatening to kill Māori and target marae, according to NZ Police.

It comes after Te Pāti Māori and others made complaints to police to investigate the matter.

The man was arrested in Tauranga and charged with making an objectionable publication.

Police say he is expected to appear in the Tauranga District Court on Thursday, June 10.

YouTube video

Masked man threatening to kill Māori in YouTube video.

Police received many complaints about the YouTube video, which has since been taken down.

They say they have been actively investigating the video since the initial complaints were received in May, including conducting a search warrant.

The video featured a masked man who at various times said Māori would be slaughtered in a "civil war," bragged about his killing skills and of training other white supremacists, made threats on marae and homes of Māori, and said he had a plan by "white, brave, patriot men" to "hit" 150 marae, and his wish to take as many Māori out as he could before he "goes."