Māori Party discusses leadership bid

More than 100 members of the Māori Party came to discuss the big item on the agenda.

Te Ururoa Flavell's bid for party leadership despite current leader, Pita Sharples, not giving it up.

It's a conflict that some say brought down a deluge of rain during times of drought.

Te Ururoa Flavell has long aspired to the leadership position and it's believed he has the backing of party president, Pem Bird.

Last year, co-leader Tariana Turia urged Sharples to step down but she was keeping tight-lipped today.

Sharples says his supporters are urging him to remain in the leadership role. 

Sharples is well known throughout the regions but the same can't be said for Flavell. In Māoridom,that familiarity amongst the people is ever important.

The Māori Party's AGM is scheduled for October and the outcome, whatever that may be, will be decided then.

Te Kāea reporter, Maiki Sherman spoke with party President Pem Bird shortly after the meeting in which he said after much discussion and deliberation the aim was to find a way by which the party could conduct itself as Māori in Parliament.

He told our reporter the decision on Te Ururoa’s bid for leadership had been postponed as Sharples and Turia are still the leaders.

He says what the party is concentrating on is a way to carry itself as an authentic Māori political party.