Māori Party farewell from Parliament

By Te Ao - Māori News

An official farewell from Parliament was held for the Māori Party. 

In recognition of their 12 years in Parliament, Kura Moeau held a short karakia in Mātangireia for leaders Te Ururoa Flavell, Marama Fox and members of the Māori Party.

Flavell says, "I'm still sad but that's the nature of being here for 12 years. What else can I say? How can I not feel a little sad? But its okay, I'm happy we've got the opportunity to have karakia and our final farewells for the Māori Party and our colleagues."

Fox says, "I'm not sad and angry for myself. When it comes to Te Ururoa and his family and the huge contribution they've left behind, I'm still sad that he wasn't able to give a valedictory speech. But I am thankful we were given this opportunity to properly farewell our workers."

The Party's national executive have also called a post-election meeting, where members and others can have the opportunity to forge a new future.
The hui is expected to be held at Waipapa Marae in Auckland on Nov 5.