Māori Party launches election campaign

By Maiki Sherman

It is clear to see the Māori Party has had some life injected into it via its new candidates and as they celebrate 10 years, Te Ururoa Flavell says the fire is still burning.        

It’s not called the lion’s den for nothing and there is no doubt the Māori Party will need to give everything they have.

Tunuiarangi Mclean says, “I'm not concerned.  The way I see it is, are they ready for me?  My tā moko will be entering that arena and it's that which will be the 'dragon' of the arena.”

As founding members Pita Sharples and Tariana Turia retire, it's a critical time for the Māori Party to rebuild itself.  The candidates know part of that means informing voters about what it means to be in coalition.  

Lifting the minimum wage to a living wage of $18.80cents is one of their policies.  Others include extending free healthcare to children under 18- years of age, and working towards free public transport for low income families, children and students. 

As the Māori Party blows out its candles on the past 10 years they'll have just one wish and that's for the taste of victory come September 20.