Māori Party push for WoF for rental homes to help alleviate poverty

By Ripeka Timutimu

The Māori Party is putting Warrant of Fitness (WoF) for rental houses back on their agenda to help alleviate poverty in our communities.  

The Child Poverty Action Group is calling on the government to enforce a WoF on rental housing, and the Māori Party are backing them all the way.

The state home that Ngapera Ranfurley lives in is so severely cold that she has stapled curtains to the wall to keep the warmth in.

Te Kāea visited Ranfurley two months ago when changes were announced to the Residential Tenancies Act in a bid to make homes warmer and healthier.

Back then her home was cold and drafty and her family of four were sleeping in one room to keep warm.

Marama Fox of the Māori Party is backing the call of a Warrant of Fitness on rental properties.

She says the benefits to whānau outweigh the financial cost of this initiative.

Ngāpera hopes that the government will consider this initiative so that this house can be turned into a home to keep her family warm and safe.