Māori Party song goes viral

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Whilst Parliament passes through the last of its business for the year, the Māori Party graced its benches with a song, a special song asking Santa to sign up to the Māori Party tonight.

Christmas came early to Parliament and it came in the form of song and the video has gone viral, with millions of views all around the world.

Marama Fox / Māori Party says, “I was so surprised at how much traction it got around the world, it's on in Iceland on their news, in England, Scotland, US, I was like so suprised.”

She wrote the song in an hour on a flight from Wellington to Auckland for fun.

Fox says, “After that I thought, my friend Te Ururoa should practice this song. He was meant to sing with me, but he was too busy looking down at his ukulele.”

But that's okay Marama took centre stage, and under her sweet vocals, were not so sweet messages.

Fox says, “That's the great thing about Māori, when we talk we have a real underlining message and that song was a statement.”

“To remember the homeless during Christmas and where they'll sleep, on the streets? In their cars with their children, we need to protect our children,” says Fox.

It's unknown if Santa will sign up to the Māori party, but he will sure give this song a tick.