Māori Party unveils climate change plan

By Te Ao - Māori News

Māori Party co-leader and Te Tai Hauāuru candidate Debbie Ngarewa-Packer says the party's just-released climate change policy plan will restore the environment, create jobs and reduce costs by moving Aotearoa’s economy toward renewable energy, clean technology, and regenerative agriculture.

“The Māori Party climate change policy is to uphold years of struggle by Māori for action by pushing to end fossil fuel exploration and extraction in Aotearoa and for a transition to an economy that is clean, fair and protects and restores our environment," she said.

“We will end new onshore oil and gas permits and withdraw existing onshore and offshore permits with a target of decommissioning sites by 2030. Oil and gas is a sunset industry in Aotearoa and it's about time Crown policy reflected that reality."

The plan also includes the establishment of a dedicated $1bn Pūngao Auaha fund for Māori-owned community energy projects and solar panel and insulation installations on marae, kura, homes and papakāinga housing developments.

The Māori Party says it will work alongside interested whānau, hapū and iwi to develop a national Māori strategy for renewable energy and clean technology and ensure the Crown supports Māori-led clean technology projects with R&D, start-up funding, and partnership finance.