Māori presence in Art Week 'not a lot"

By Mare Haimona-Riki

The Art Work of Tracey Tawhiao will be on display at Chancery Square Auckland. This is part of "Changing lanes," a project that incorporates NZ made Art throughout the entire city during "Art Week."

Artist Tracey Tawhiao says, “There is not a lot of Māori presence in Art Week.”

Tawhiao, from Ngai Te Rangi, has one of her art pieces displayed here in Chancery Square, to add a Māori dimension to project.

“The triangle is a primordial symbol, it’s a very ancient symbol..... The idea that when you put something in triangle, it’s stronger and also it’s the shape of sail so it harks back to navigation.... and it’s the pacific triangle as well,” says Tawhiao

This art work is one of many pieces that will be located throughout the city. It stands as a reminder of Māori history and of the natural world our city sits on.

Tawhiao says, “Colonization basically comes and takes over this world, it’s as if we never existed or the natural world is something we bring in now.... no we're not bringing it in, it’s all here and there can’t be anything without it, we are all siting on it.”

There will be a total of 6 installations throughout the city starting of next week

Tawhiao concludes, “Māori is not hanging off the side of the city, it is the city that is hanging off the side of kaupapa Māori.”

For more information on the Changing Lanes display click here.