Māori rights campaigner urges Māori to stand up for Palestine

By Te Ao - Māori News

A Māori rights campaigner is urging Māori to stand in solidarity in support of the Palestinian plight of what indigenous activists describe as tino rangatiratanga.

This comes after thousands of people turned out in 10 centres around the country over the weekend, asking for action by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta over the escalating attacks by Israel on Palestinians in East Jerusalem and Gaza.

There are reports of heavy airstrikes hitting Gaza City, with Hamas rocket attacks continuing to retaliate.

Yesterday there were reports that at least 33 civilians have died in the latest day of fighting since the conflict between Israel and the militant Hamas reignited last week.

Chris Huriwai, who was part of the 4000-strong protests across the country on Saturday, believes the Palestinians are suffering from the same brutal effects of colonial control that Māori have endured and he hopes the Māori Party will condemn the attacks.

He says, "The narrative, the mindset is exactly the same. There are colonial dominant forces over indigenous people. That's exactly why te iwi Māori should take on this kaupapa, educate themselves, become aware that what is negatively affecting us is also negatively affecting other people across the world.

"When we can band together in solidarity, we'll start to see some type of global process against it."