Māori soccer player rapidly climbs the ranks

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

After only playing soccer for 3 years, Māori player, Abigail Roper of Ngāi Tahu, is rapidly climbing the ranks of soccer in NZ.

She is a goalie and her objective is to stop the opposition from scoring.

According to Abigail, “I've always liked being the odd one out where you can put your body on the line, do the mean as saves that can potentially save the game.”

Abigail knows full well that her dreams can only be achieved through hard work and has turned to Coerver Coach Phil Parker to help her reach her goals.

Abigail attributes her sporting success and spirit of competition to her bloodlines and upbringing.

She's a player who's constantly improving and upskilling, setting her sights on playing and training in America.