Māori students go CYBRO

By Ripeka Timutimu

Hundreds of students from around the Wellington region have had the chance to get up close and personal with the latest inventions coming out of Victoria University.

Te Rōpū Ᾱwhina, a student mentoring group from the University, met face to face with the youngsters in an event called ‘Rangatahi in CYBROSPACE’ in hopes of enticing more Māori and Pacific Islanders into following their career pathway.

Liz Richardson, Deputy Dean of Equity in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture says the drive to set up the event came from wanting to grow capacity amongst the Māori and Pacific Island communities, “How will they know that it’s there if these things aren’t possible unless they come and tutu with things and discover that actually, it’s a lot more fun than they may be having at school.”

Third year architecture student, Dominic Trewavas, says when he was at school a career pathway in the sciences was nearly unheard of, “It’s great for the kids to come along and experience, I had no idea what 3D printing was before I came to University, even with some of the science students I didn’t know you could do that stuff so it’s really just a taste of what you can do.”

It’s hoped the event will continue in the coming years to see more Māori and Pacific Island students choosing the sciences as a career pathway.