Māori Tarot reader reveals optimistic future for Aotearoa

By Mare Haimona-Riki

Tarot reader and spiritual strategist Helena Marie (Te Arawa, Ngāi Tūhoe) has seen her business quadruple in “enquiries” since the lockdown period began last week.

“People want a pick-me-up from the Tarot cards. They want to see something positive and that there is hope for the future,” Marie says.

It seems like the cards have spoken, as her small group of tarot readers have noticed a pattern in the cards they’ve been drawing.

“We are getting strong cards that indicate there's a positive outcome, that we are going to get through it, that we will be better for it.

“Cards like the sun, which is about having a positive attitude, prosperity and abundance,” Marie says.

Another card  that’s been revealed frequently, is the “hierophant” which, according to Marie offers more of an intense energy and is considered a more spiritual card in the tarot.   

“In a practical sense it can talk about governments, institutions, belief systems.

"I feel like when I see that card we are actually being quite well looked after.

“And it's also the 5th card in the tarot. So to me that means the 5th of May.

"So I'm predicting when I look at the hierophant that we could come out of lockdown by May at least or experience some sort of normality by May."

"The Queen of Pentacles" - Source / File

Although her shop is closed at the moment, Marie has been getting 15 enquiries per day online. One of her clients includes former Miss Nation New Zealand, Jewel Harris (Ngāpuhi) who approached Marie last year when she was an intern for TOA Architects.  

"She sat me down and she drew a few cards and she said well there's gonna be some big opportunities for you in regards to your work.

"And I said, 'Wow I have a big meeting in a weeks time', and I kid you not, in that meeting I got offered a full-time job!"

"I guess what the tarot reading does for us is that it give us a bit of guidance and makes us feel a bit more positive," Harris says.

Jewel Harris (Miss Nation New Zealand 2017-2018) Source / Provided

In addition to tarot readings, Marie offers simple yet effective ways to help during this lockdown period.

"Simple daily things that we can do for free at home like meditation and listening to music and giving ourselves positive affirmations."