Māori Television Amendment bill passes first hurdle

The Bill seeks to strengthen its focus on the Māori language and culture, and will also update arrangements for spectrum management.

It's been a rough week for Māori Party co-leader Pita Sharples, but today he appeared to be back on track.

The Māori Television Service Amendment Bill passed easily in the House, positioning the broadcaster for a digital switchover.

Pita Sharples had major support from a range of MPs who included Metiria Turei, Jamie Lee Roaa and Trevor Mallard who all acknowledged the commitment and quality of programming and reo Māori Television has broadcasted.

However, Shane Jones used the opportunity to take a dig at the Government and its decision to leave Māori out of the 4G allocation.

After nearly nine years of Māori Television the future looks promising.

It's clear though that while the channel is for all, not everyone has tuned in.

Reporter: Ripeka Timutimu.