Māori Television CEO refutes news reports as gossip

The CEO of Māori Television has tonight refuted rumours that Māori Television is removing the word Māori from the station’s name.

Speaking in Te Reo Māori on the channel’s digital news show,  Kawe Kōrero Reporters, Mr Maxwell was adamant that no such decision had been made.

“Where did that gossip come from? That's absolutely untrue, the comments of some, that we're getting rid of the word Māori from the name Māori Television,” said Mr Maxwell.

Māori Television is in the process of a rebrand which includes engaging with one million viewers per week and remaining relevant in an increasingly competitive environment.

But Mr Maxwell said the rebrand was still in its early stages and no decisions had been made.  The word Māori would definitely be staying.

“The main essence of our job is Māori, be it making programmes, cultural practices, Māori language during the week of Te Reo Māori.   The word Māori will always remain absolute for Māori Television. There could be a change in the design of the letters perhaps, I'm not too sure.  But at the present time we're still focusing on the core of our work.”

Once management had created a strong brand strategy, it would be taken to the board of Māori Television, he said.