Māori Television gets the vote

Māori Television’s news coverage of the 2017 Elections has been voted a finalist in the NZTV awards.

The network’s exclusive insights into the rollercoaster election has been nominated in two categories, Elections Aotearoa for Best Live Event Coverage and Te Kāea for Best News Coverage.

Māori Television’s continued commitment to ANZAC DAY is also a finalist for Best Live Coverage.

Elections Aotearoa launched an unprecedented seven outside broadcasts with live debates moved from the formality of studio to universities and live audiences across the country.  News teams worked through election night and were still on air 29 hours later.

Crowds from each Māori electorate took part in lively debate nights with their candidates - Photo / File

Māori Television Chief Executive, Keith Ikin, said the election landed during the relocation of the entire network to new premises as well as a rollout of new technology systems to the news department.

“It was the perfect storm for the newsroom.  The fact they didn’t miss a beat and audiences received unprecedented election coverage is a credit to the many staff who faced exceptional challenges,” said Mr Ikin.

ANZAC 2018: Auckland Dawn Service

The network’s special broadcast of ANZAC DAY continues to be a highlight of Māori Television each year.

“Māori Television is the only network who commits to full day coverage starting from dawn.  We are proud to honour this special day both for and with all New Zealanders,” said Mr Ikin.

Renowned broadcaster Tini Molyneux is this year’s recipient of the Television Legend award. 

Tini (Ngāi Tūhoe) who produces for Marae and Māori Television’s Te Kāea is a veteran journalist whose career spans more than 30 years.  She has presented, reported, and directed in addition to a 10-year stint at One News as Māori Affairs correspondent.

Māori Television’s congratulates all finalists in this year’s NZTV Awards.