Māori Television presenter prepares for Miss World in China

By Mānia Clarke-Mamanu

Māori Television presenter Jess Tyson begins her journey to compete for the title of Miss World in China.

While taking the title of Miss World NZ was a huge step she took an even bigger step recently, revealing the trauma of alleged sexual abuse as a child.

Tyson says beauty is more than skin deep.

“Don't think that the outer beauty of a woman is the focus,” says Tyson, “The most important thing about the competition is to empower young people around the world.”

Since being crowned Miss World New Zealand in May, Tyson has had to complete various criteria which she will be judged on, such as an introduction video, sports, cultural dance, and her beauty with a purpose project Brave, speaking to young people as a survivor of abuse.

“It was really difficult to get all the elements done, but what motivates me is helping those who have been affected by sexual abuse,” says Tyson.

And she's relishing utilising the international stage to affect change.

“The most important for me is that young people see that they can achieve their dreams, regardless of the ups and downs.”

Tyson leaves for China for a range of engagements before the 68th Miss World pageant is held on the 8th of December, in Sanya.