Māori Tennis: Bryce Brothers go head to head

By Te Rina Kowhai

The doubles kicked off today for day two of the Māori tennis tournament in Hamilton. Among them were the Bryce brothers who competed against each other in the final.

Sibling rivalry but not the usual kind. The Bryce brothers are battling it out for one to take the top spot in the junior doubles.

Older brother Benji Bryce and his teammate eventually won but it's not about winning

“Having fun and trying hard and being a good sportsmanship.”

Although Cruz Bryce lost to his older brother, it's their love for the sport and one another that keeps them both going.

“We get to make a lot of friends and have fun. I think the best part of tennis you get to play tournaments and verse people you don't even know. My doubles partner he was okay, he was good but I think we did a good job against them, they were really good, but we didn't put enough effort in to it.”

For mother Shelley Bryce and former New Zealand number one player, she couldn't be happier with her hardworking boys.

“When I see them the kids are always on court, hanging around new friends that they've made. Every year it's the same boys so that's the big part of coming here.  Just making sure at this level its fun. It doesn't matter if you win or lose and just to go out there and not put too much pressure on yourself and because I think that can come on later in life.”

With the doubles completed, the section for Men's singles will begin tomorrow.