Māori Tennis celebrates 88 years

By Tamati Tiananga

As Māori Tennis celebrates its 88th Year, Te Kāea reflects back on the many historical moments in Māori tennis with Ruia Morrison.

Ruia was the leading NZ women's tennis player in the 1950s and 1960s and is still regarded as one of the country's best-ever tennis players.

Tamati Tiananga spoke with Ruia Morrison about her memories of playing in the Māori Tennis Tournament.

Ruia was the first Māori to ever compete at Wimbledon.  However, the Māori Tennis Tournament is something special.

Sir Tamati Reedy says the tournament has become a platform for developing young players.  

“She developed through tennis in NZ. She's been able to travel overseas through scholarships and universities in America. Nine are currently over there.”

Plans are already underway to prepare for the 90th anniversary.