Māori theatre brings talented Māori actress home

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

A young Māori actress is creating waves and making her mark in the television industry in Australia and the UK, but Cian White's passion for Māori theatre has brought her back home to Aotearoa.

She says, "In the beginning, I was nervous watching myself on TV, but now it's all good, it's my job."

She has featured in some of Australian top drama series, including “Underbelly” and most recently, 800 Words. 

"800 Words is Australia's top TV show at the moment.  I've been fortunate to work alongside some of Australia's and New Zealand's top actors," said White.

But it's Māori theatre that White is really passionate about.

"I love theatre.  However, I'm trying my hand at directing to improve my storytelling skills in the theatre world," added White.

White's play “Ngā Puke” will include some of NZ's top actors. “Ngā Puke” opens on December the 10th and she hopes to inspire Māori in the arts.