Māori urged to prepare themselves to relieve stress of funerals

By Renee Kahukura-Iosefa

Māori need to talk more openly about funeral plans and the costs involved. One undertaker believes if people can prepare themselves for a funeral it helps to relieve the stress and strain when a loved one passes away.

Life is precious and undertaker Francis Tipene knows first-hand what is involved when a loved one dies.

Tipene says, “We need to plan and prepare ourselves now so that we are not left with the financial burden of a funeral.”

According to Tipene, an average Māori funeral can cost about $8,000 and over, and because of this many Māori are changing the ways in which they hold their funerals.

“Our people are choosing to cremate their loved ones because it costs $500 whereas to bury them in cities it cost over $5,000,” says Tipene.

In the city it can cost up to $6,000 for a burial plot and this is one reason why more Māori are now choosing cremation. Also more Māori are choosing to have funerals at home instead of at the marae over 3 days.

“Get life insurance, funeral cover, to help relieve that financial expense,” says Tipene.

Cigna Life says having a Funeral Plan Cover or Life Insurance helps to ease the stress and strain of money when you lose a loved one.

Options are available for you to consider depending on what your plans will be.